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10/07/2003 13:42:15   steve   I have often thought, especially on 30deg+ days like today, if you could fit a airconditioning matrix in the large v4 air box.

Any thoughts/experience/masterplans?  
10/07/2003 20:07:34   ian   There was an A/C option available on V4's in the US. I can't say that I've ever seen a RHD V4 fitted with it.  
11/07/2003 18:11:38   Alec   Someone mentioned this too me about US cars recently. I too would love to see a picture or get any info on it.  
12/07/2003 16:53:02   ian   The pictures I've seen of the cabin parts on the A/C indicated that they are LHD specific. With a bit of improvisation it shouldn't be impossible to fit a modern A/C unit into a 96.  
14/07/2003 13:06:57   steve   This sounds good. I carnt see the under the bonnet parts being LHD specific and since ive remade the interior anyway, im sure it can be made to work. Any ideas of where to go/who to talk to to get the bits?
Having AC would really make the V4 competative with modern cars.  
17/07/2003 20:25:13   jake   the engine on the v4 is the german engine and progressed to v6 in a variety model specs that could be the best route the must have offered air con on some of them but you would have to be inventive to fit it all in but it sounds interesting all the best jake  
18/07/2003 20:53:20   louis   Hi there, here is the strange guy from switzerland (they find me even more strange here)! I have good contact with te Taunus/Cortina club in Austria and they fit air con out of Granadas ans Scorpios etc (as jake said all the varous cologne V6 cars). The trouble apparently isn't the fitting as such but more the power drain on a standard engine. You might slow down quite alot when you turned it on. On the other hand modern Japanese and others have tiny engines and air con so it must be possible to adapt some thing suitable in.
Personnaly I have given up the idea as handling the system (refridgerent etc..) can be dodgy if you don't have all the kit.
See ya Louis  
20/07/2003 17:15:19   Senor Burt   Just open the windows and throttle simultaniously. You will soon cool down.  
24/07/2003 00:02:32   Alistair   You mean your rad isn't so blocked that you need the heater on full pelt on hot days? What kind of V4 owner are you?! ;-)  
24/07/2003 13:33:57   steve h   Alistair. I live in the south where it stops snowing for more than a month a year. On top of that senor burt, i live in london where I am lucky to get up to the current average speed of 11mph of traffic here.

Thanks for all the help from everybody anyway. I will let you hnow if I find a suitable small modern kit.

25/07/2003 18:46:36   louis   It shouldn't be that hard as they are most of them belt driven compressors, it will be the adaptation to the existent ventilation system which could be a laugh!  

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