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13/07/2003 10:11:16   John   I'm trying to acquire/source a pronged, gear-box drain plug removal tool as I have the plug with the bar across the entrance. Does anyone have a spare for,sale or know where I can get one.many thanks.  
13/07/2003 22:44:25   ian   Hi John,
If you can't find an authehtic one, it's easy enough to make one out of a large diameter bolt. You just have to saw/file a slot into the end of the bolt.
14/07/2003 13:11:34   steve   Or you can just grind a slot in an old 10mm socket and then you can use a normal wrench.

Worked for me.

A tip though. Hold the socket into the plug by raising a jack under it to stop it sliping and rounding the tool and plug and dont overtighten when doing it up.  
14/07/2003 16:12:13   John   Ian and Steve, thanks for the suggestions should be a manageable job now.
Steve, Can you elaborate on your jacking holding system.
16/07/2003 14:14:32   steve h   Sure
If you get the new tool in the plug and turn it without it slipping out, you dont need the jack. However, if it does, raise the jack under the wrench to force the tool hard into the plug. You can then extend the wrench with a bit of tube etc. to get lots of controlled torque on it.
Im sure you would have come to the same improvised conclusion when you have a go yourself.  
16/07/2003 14:15:34   steve h   Strange... my computer seem to make me steve h somedays and just steve on others. I am one and the same though.  
16/07/2003 18:07:31   John   steve, many thanks for the tip. It's good to know that someone has been there and done it before, should make the job much easier. It's so useful being able to tap into all this experience on this site.Thank you to all involved.  
17/07/2003 08:28:17   Alec   Steve
The cookie is saved each time you enter a message on your PC with your name. It should save what is in the name field each time ready for the next time you post.
17/07/2003 13:23:53   steve h   oh year. it does!  

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