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18/07/2003 13:41:02   john   What, if any carbs from other models of car work on the V4 motor? not looking at sports performance just in case.  
18/07/2003 13:41:15   john   What, if any carbs from other models of car work on the V4 motor? not looking at sports performance, just in case.  
18/07/2003 20:55:38   louis   Good question, there must be quite a few out there but I don't know any off hand. Why would you want something else than standard FoMoCo?  
19/07/2003 11:55:46   john   well really i just want to know if you can use a different one in case of the need to replace the standard one. are FoMoCo ones easy to find?
20/07/2003 17:12:12   Senor Burt   Weber 34 ICH. A bit expensive new, but a lot better apparently.
F*M*C* carbs for V4 are very common, everyone must have at least 2 in their shed. If you need one, post a 'Wanted' ad on this site. You never know, someone might reply.  
24/07/2003 13:43:42   steve h   Ive had a number fitted at different times. Bsically anything that fits a base model 70s or 80's ford should fit. All you have to do is make a thottle linkage (not hard if you have a hacksaw) and find a way of sealing the filter box to it or splash out on a nice shiny k&N.  
25/07/2003 12:03:00   Alistair   Fomoco carbs are 2 a penny but rubbish (IMHO!!) so if you get chance to swap for something better, go for it. Personally I'd recommend a twin choke weber, like a 28/36DCD, not for any particular power gain (maybe a couple of bhp on a standard engine) but better economy, cleaner & smoother running & more torque. And they sound nicer with an open filter...  
25/07/2003 18:49:16   louis   Trouble with all the twin chokes is that you need the manifold to go with, I don't know if John had in mind changing his manifold...  
27/07/2003 09:48:39   nick   There is a double barreled manifold on ebay at the moment if anyon  
28/07/2003 14:01:21   steve h   or you can get convertor plates that fit on to single choke mainfolds. I anoyingly left mine in an old workshop when I installed my twin choke mainifold. And I would say the power hike is much more noticable than you say Alistair. One word of warning, I think mine is a DCD and the choke bypass carb system is pants has led to me developing a heel and toe method of driving in the winter while the engine is cold. Go for a solex with traditional chokes (im about to swap over to one).  
29/07/2003 10:41:04   Senor Burt   The convertor plates aren't much good IMHO. As the hole on the manifold is still the same size, the twin choke carb can't breathe properly. You just get more noise and very little benefit.
I would say that the proper twin-choke manifold is the way to go for extra power. Ian Studely had at least 3 for sale at the SOC rally. Highgate had 2 or 3 as well. They go for between 50 and 70 without carb.  

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