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19/07/2003 11:57:02   john   can anyone explain to me the process of changing the points in the saab? specifically the "dwell". not sure i understand what this is.  
20/07/2003 17:08:59   Senor Burt   Dwell is as a result of points gap and timing. You don't need to know about it really, unless you have a dwell meter.
Just set the gap and timing correctly and all should be well. The process is the same as for most cars. Get a manual and read it. It's a simple job.
Alternatively, throw the points and condenser away and get an electronic ignition conversion, it needs a lot less maintenance and is far more reliable.  
21/07/2003 09:13:55   John   John,
If you still need more info. and can't get a manual, let me know and I'll photocopy the relevant page from mine and send it to you.
(another John)  
22/07/2003 19:01:50   Alec   The dwell is the degrees of rotation of the shaft that the points are closed for and thus the amount of time the coil is charged for. I always use this to set my points but then I have a dwell meter.  
23/07/2003 14:00:14   Senor Burt   I don't know if you could describe the coil as being 'charged'. The coil is a transformer which converts 12v in to the several Kv required to produce a spark. Points opening and closing create in effect Alternating Current(AC) as the coil will not work with straight DC from the battery. It is the opening and closing of the points which creates a 0-12v-0 pulse which allows the coil to function.  
24/07/2003 13:38:02   steve h   I would agree strongly with senor burt. Get a aldon ignitor (60ish). Fit it where the points were and forget about points, dwell angles and timing forever. The money is soon paid back in fuel savings and the engine runs much more sweetly.  

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