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28/07/2003 16:49:55   Richard   So did you all get there? I was a bit busy and probably only talked to Al very quickly, oh and all the kids want a RC Saab Viggen, they went down a treat.
I probably got a glimse of Helen (if your car is a 1967 early green machine) as I was driving out to go home.
I must appologise to all the old farts that complained about me covering them in gravel when I set off, but it stalls if you dont give it 3500rpm and I was getting bored, anyway they all got the rally car experience, you need to do an event in it as you eat gravel all day long (must get better door seals).  
28/07/2003 18:53:52   Alistair   Busy I can relate to! I also met Helen, Alec of course, and about a zillion other people of whom I can remember only a fraction of the names! If anyone reading is one of them my apologies!!

Was really great to see so many nice V4s there, I just wish I'd had more time to see some of them a bit closer & to meet more of you...

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, best one I can remember for quite a while.

28/07/2003 19:13:54   louis   It's unfair, nothing happens round our region worth talking about! The Swiss Saab Club gathers at most 20 Old Saabs! And they aren't very active. I know that one swiss chap belongs to a UK club but I am not sure which... Can a foreign guy belong to a UK club?  
29/07/2003 07:51:44   Richard   As far as I know, yes they can. See Saab owners club of GB web site for contact details.  
29/07/2003 10:18:42   Alec   I went for the day on Sunday, spoke to many people (Im terrible with names!). Helens car was nice to see, a great early example of the V4.

I did get a few pictures and will post them on the web when I have a few minutes.

Great to meet V4 owners and friends (old and new).  
29/07/2003 10:34:04   Senor Burt   From your 95 correspondant.

There was a family there from Switzerland, in a white 95.
I will be doing a 95 report on the rally on the project 95 V4 website.
It was good to see so many 95's(7 in total) 5 V4 and 2 2-strokes! There were none at the last SOC rally I went to in 2001.
We also managed to blag our way into the cavalcade of SAABs, which was fun.  
29/07/2003 15:20:11   Helen   Hi Guys,
Nice to meet you all at the weekend, its good to put a face to the names.I enjoyed having a good nosey round and learning a bit more about my saab 'sterling'(shes green and my names moss,...go figure) I also managed to convince my other half that classic car enthusuiasts are not a bunch of geeks...he thinks im odd anyway,as there's not many female classic car petrol heads about,just wives that put up alot...I took quite a few photos, so ill scan them and send them on to you when i can alec just in case any of them are any good...

30/07/2003 08:42:42   Alec   Thanks Helen,

Look forward to getting the pictures (not too big please!)  

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