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29/07/2003 12:56:29   dhPaul   I am rather mistrustful of the standard jacking points on my 96. Can anyone advise safe and sturdy places to raise, both front and back, using a trolley jack, and also suitable places to place axle stands, also front and back, please.  
29/07/2003 13:29:52   steve h   Why are you mistrustful? Sounds like you need new cills. I use a piece of wood between the points and the jack to help stop slip and put axle stands under the bottom ball joint on the front or spring carrier on the back.  
30/07/2003 08:46:46   Alec   The car should be jacked (with a trolley jack) at the fron on the crossmember that the anti-roll bar runs through and at the back near the axle there is a strengthened place for a jack. These are shown in the handbook.  
31/07/2003 10:18:53   Alistair   I've used lower wishbone mounts or standard jacking points for axle stands & either the X-member or j-points making sure to properly "cup" one side of the j-point with the trolley jack cup to avoid slippage.  

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