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29/07/2003 14:32:38   James Ayres   My 96 needs a new exhaust system, I have toyed with a ss system as they have a lifetime guarantee (although they are expensive). I have been advised to stick with the standard exhaust as they are relatively cheap and long lasting, also I was told that the stainless steel types tend to crack! Any thoughts on this please.
30/07/2003 08:44:41   Alec   Well if it cracks and you have a lifetime guarantee, who cares! The standard system would probably in normal use last about 3 years.
Are you in the SOC? If so they have a SS exhaust supplier at good prices.  
30/07/2003 14:15:48   steve h   yes my ss exhaust cracked just after the front expantion box but the car was second(seventh)hand so the garantee had been lost in the mists of time. The botched repair I did four years ago seems to of lasted well though so I would say they are generally a good idea as fitting a new system every three years is not fun. The Jetex and highgates steel systems are muich more efficient though. The saab V4 exhaust is a unbalanced bastard child of the three cylinder two stroke engine and fords V4 test platform.  
30/07/2003 20:02:13   louis   I must say Steve is right! I have a Simon's 2' sport exhaust and it goes a treat! I had to refit the original one for the Swiss MOT (they are nasty here!) and it took a fight and a half to get the expansion box on! The rest was easy... So if you can get better, cheaper, and don't have to change it too often; I'd go for something fun...  
31/07/2003 11:51:09   bill rawles   Look in the back of the classic car mags and you will find ads for people making stainless systems from scratch. I have used J P Exhausts in Macclesfield (depends where you are in the country obviously) to make a stainless system on my V8 Landrover and its been there since 1996 without any trouble. I have a Jetex on my 96 now and it seems very well made and is hugely more efficient than the original. When it eventually wears out I'll get JP to copy it in stainless.  
31/07/2003 12:28:42   Richard   I made my own s/steel exhaust which comes to a 'Y' behind the gearbox (under the car) and uses a straight pipe and silencer running at a diagonal until it gets to the rear Volvo back box.
I used 304 grade s/steel were I could and braced all joints into silences with welded brkts to stop cracking.  
14/08/2003 13:13:39   Nick   I am having a stainless system built for me this weekend at a garage in Bournemouth. They quoted around the 250 mark for a free-flow single pipe system and another 100 or so for a full twin system. They give a lifetime guarantee and will even tune the sound of the exhaust later for free if you think it is too loud or too quiet. I am seriously considering a twin system but will have to wait and see how easily the chap will be haggled down on his price. Oh yes, he also said it would only take a couple of hours to do so if you had to travel you could probably pop down to the beach for an ice cream and it would be finished on your return!  
14/08/2003 14:54:21   James Ayres   Thanks Nick, my biggest problem is I'm based in Liverpool - it's a long way to Bournmouth. Do you know of anyone closer to me?
14/08/2003 15:24:06   Nick   I'm afraid not however I'm sure a bit of asking around some of your local garages, car parts shops, magazines etc will bring up something.  
14/08/2003 18:56:56   Alec   I have use a firm called Powerflow Exhausts in the past. My nearest one was in Nottingham but they are all over the country. They make custom stainless exhausts on your car while you wait. Prices are good, the work I had done (Exhaust for a 900 Carlsson) was good and they have a lifetime warranty.  
18/08/2003 12:45:08   Nick   The garage I had mine done at is a PowerFlow firm. I have a new system now but I am not totally happy with it and am going back this weekend to have a couple of changes made. The first issue was with the headers. They said their flange machine couldn't cope with the tube diameter blah blah blah, therefore they have left the old header on and welded the 2" pipe to it where it would have joined the old front box. This works however I'm sure it is still restriciting the flow and of course won't last as long as the rest of the system, it also looks rubbish. The second issue is the back box. Rather than saying they didn't have a small enough cherry bomb they went and welded a bigger square box on it's side under the rear wing. It sounds great but looks like pants!
Apart from that it has given me more power but as my clutch is slipping/jumping like a kangaroo on ice I can't put my foot down which as you can imagine is frustrating as hell.  
19/08/2003 09:54:16   Senor Burt   I used a cherry bomb for the back box for my home-made 95 system. It is a bit of a tight fit lenghtwise, but a 45-degree bend on the back just about cleared the bodywork.
The standard front box is very restricted as well as not being very well 'tuned'. I think the Jetex front box has 1 3/4" downpipes going into a single 2" pipe. It's a bit poor if their machine can't cope with 1 3/4" pipe.  
19/08/2003 11:34:32   Nick   They didn't have any of the 1 3/4" pipe in stock but he is getting some in for me to finish the headers properly. I was considering removing the back box altogether but I will wait till I've heard someone drive my car so I can judge how load it currently is before I do anything drastic  

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