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29/07/2003 14:51:13   john   why would i get back fires which send flames leaping out of my carburettor??????? scary when your trying to set it up right!  
29/07/2003 20:34:54   ian   It sounds like you've got a problem in the ignition circuit. Most likely the points are incorrectly adjusted or the timing is slightly out. Unless you're really keen on having a set of scorched eyebrows, make sure that the air cleaner is securely bolted down. By a quirk of fate, I had a backfire through the carb on my 95 yesterday which managed to blow the top off the air cleaner!
30/07/2003 14:20:15   steve h   1. Are you on an old fomoco carb? in which case it might be dumping gallons of fuel into the manifold.
2. Have you messed with the camshaft timing
3. As ian says, hows your timing?  
31/07/2003 22:46:44   simon   Dear John,
Please do not over-look your condensor. When I first had 'your' symptoms it took me weeks of heart / wallet ache before I realised the cause of my problem. Best to change to a transistorised ignition - good spark, every spark.  
01/08/2003 15:14:06   john   just waiting to get some time to buy a new condensor and coil, as these are the only bits of my ignition that i haven't changed. as far as i know my timing is the same as it always was! are there marks on the pulleys? which cylinder is number one?  
02/08/2003 15:22:29   ian   John,
There's a timing notch on the balance shaft pulley. There are timing marks on the engine front cover about halfway between the fan and the waterpump. Depending on the fuel you're using, timing on a standard engine is usually set at 6 degrees BTDC. No.1 cylinder is closest to the alternator (the cylinder numbers are marked on the inlet manifold along with the firing order) Points gap is normally adjusted to 0.016in (0.4mm).
04/08/2003 11:53:06   john   cheers ian. i'm off on my wifes bicycle to buy a coil and condensor. then its down to the garage with my stobe light!  
04/08/2003 11:53:12   john   cheers ian. i'm off on my wifes bicycle to buy a coil and condensor. then its down to the garage with my strobe light!  
05/08/2003 13:26:58   ian   John,
If you're using a strobe the ignition setting is 6 degrees btdc at 800 rev/min with the vacuum pipe disconnected and plugged.  
06/08/2003 14:43:28   john   cheers!  

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