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31/07/2003 11:24:31   helen   hi guys , any idea where i can get a decent quality outdoor car over for my 96 v4, Ive got a cheapo halfords number, but with current monsoon season in derbyshire andwinter looming , my poor cars got to sit on the road all winter, and i need to pamper her.....ive looked in some of the classic car mags ,and they look about 200... ouch! any suggestions ?
31/07/2003 12:22:30   Richard   I bought a super expensive cover and the cheep silver covers halfords sell keep the car dryer than than expensive one! Both breath, but the halfords one keeps out more water.  
01/08/2003 12:22:18   Senor Burt   As long as you keep it clean, it should be OK. It's the salt that rusts cars, so go to a carwash where they wash the underside.
I hope you're going to be driving your 96 in winter. It's what they were designed for!  
01/08/2003 14:23:48   louis   I agree the main problem is salt! My car has lived out and the only rust is in places where the salt and road muck is thrown up. Protect your car with Waxoyl or Dinitrol is a sensible winter move. But do it in the summer as it is easier to apply in hot weather (the wax is softer).  
01/08/2003 14:32:28   steve h   I have had one of those 200 'Noah' ones for the last three years and it is just starting to fall apart so am about to buy another. The main advantage is that it keeps it 'just washed' clean for weeks and being red, stops the sun fading it to pink as it was before it was resprayed. Being tailored to the 96 also means it wont end up flapping off and trailing down the road. It has also been good for keeping criminal interest away (I live in Hackney) as you have to get through the cover before you can even see what the car is and whether there is anything worth stealing inside, by which time you would have probably drawn attention to yourself.

I would recommend going all the way for a tailored breathable number. Mine was from Thoughbred covers.  
04/08/2003 11:56:28   john   whatever you decide to buy, drive your car at least once a week on a dry day, the heat from the engine and exhaust will dry up any damp spots that have gathered.  

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