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05/08/2003 16:48:15   Nick Ayliffe   Due to the front box on my exhaust system cracking I have decided to fit a jetex sports exhaust to my 96. As time is prescious and the thought of spending all of my weekend lying down underneath the car isn't that appealing in this hot weather I would be interested to hear from anyone who has done this and how easy/difficult it is.  
05/08/2003 23:00:59   ian   You'll have to ask Alec. We're all waiting for his forthcoming article on how he fitted a Jetex to his 96!(see the announcement on the home page)  
06/08/2003 08:00:10   bill rawles   I had one fitted last year @ Demon Tweeks who supplied the exhaust. It looked very straight forward to fit with the car up on a four post lift. There were no modifications required at all in terms of brackets and hangers etc. It would be a big hassle lying on the floor to do though. Why don't you negotiate with a local garage to fit it, I doubt if it would cost you more than an hours labour. If you have one of the really big windscreen washer bottles you will need to protect it with a heat sheild of some sort or the Jetex will melt it!!  
06/08/2003 08:54:32   Nick Ayliffe   i too have been waiting for the article on the site but I will have a chat with my local exhaust fitters. Thanks for the feedback. Car is in the garage today having a twin choke solex and bouble barreled manifold installed today so am looking forward to picking her up tonight.  
06/08/2003 11:10:18   Senor Burt   The only problem I had when I fitted a Jetex front box was that it was a bit difficult to tighten up the nuts holding the exhaust to the heads due to the reduced clearance. I think they are M12. You should be able to get some lower profile nuts to make life easier.(IE smaller across the flats for same thread).  
06/08/2003 12:24:03   Richard   On a larger exhaust (rally system) you have to remove the studs and fit cap head allen screws to get clearance.
Just mention this as Burti boy iz building a missile 95.  
06/08/2003 19:14:53   ian   Is it necessary to bore out the bevelled spacers when fitting a Sports exhaust to standard heads or only when fitting to one with larger ports?

Anybody else out there thinking that Alec's being unusually quiet on the Jetex question?  
07/08/2003 08:02:22   Richard   Can not see a problem with matching the port areas and flowing the spacer to the exhaust. If you ever take the heads off open up the exhaust port in the heads and blend the exhaust throat areas and valve guide.  
07/08/2003 09:54:54   Alec   Sorry again Guys, having recently moved house I still haven't had the time to do the article.
I did fit mine myself took a couple of hours (on the driveway). The hardest part was getting the old one off!
The only other issue I had was fiddling with all the joints to ensure they did not leak (although this was not a major issue.  
07/08/2003 09:56:33   Alec   Another note: You do not need to bore out the spacers (I didn't) although it would help performance slightly if you do. As the head is standard you wouyld probably want to create a cone effect with the hole getting larger towards the exhaust.
07/08/2003 13:00:01   Richard   To get the old one off cut it into sections especially the front box (unless you want to save it).  
07/08/2003 16:57:04   Alistair   You'll certainly notice more of a difference when you fit the exhaust than just the carb, as the engine will still be quite strangled on a std exhaust. If you can get the flanges bored out cheaply I would say do it, it certainly helped a little on one of mine.

Out of interest, it also sounded really weird with just one of them done - didn't think it would make such a difference until I tried it.  
08/08/2003 09:27:54   Alec   Finally I have got round to my article on fitting the JETEX system. You can find it now in the articles section of the site - Sorry it took so long!!  
08/08/2003 10:30:48   Nick   Thanks for putting up the article. I now just have to get hold of one of the jetex systems, seems they are as rare as trains these days!  
11/08/2003 18:09:58   Alec   In case it helps, Halfords can get JETEX exhaust now as well.  

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