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05/08/2003 22:25:11   Simon   On the move my 96 makes an occasional sort of drone that vibrates throughout the car!

Is something about to fall off!?!

Can anyone let me know the possible causes of this noise?


05/08/2003 22:25:41   Simon    
05/08/2003 22:57:43   ian   Does it happen at any particular speed or gear(s)? Does it disappear when you accelerate or lose speed?

A couple of things spring to mind, it could be a drone from the gearbox or it could be an unsympathetic resonance that a lot of V4's seem to suffer from at certain speeds. I've been told that the resonance is linked to the exhaust system.  
06/08/2003 07:59:51   Simon   It doesn't seem to happen at any particular speed - It usually happens in fourth gear.

I will try to see if it stops when I accelerate or slow down.

If it's from the gearbox is there anything I can do, like check that it got enough oil etc?

Thanks for getting back to me,

06/08/2003 11:05:46   Senor Burt   As Ian say, V4's seem to have a 'resonant frequency' it used to happen when my 95 was in standard trim at around 68MPH. When I put a K&N filter on, it happened at a different speed.
I've noticed this with other V4's as well.  
06/08/2003 12:25:47   Richard   yup did it on my v4 with std exhaust.  
06/08/2003 13:30:15   steve h   yup, me too - the 68mph sound barrier on both my cars when a standard exhaust was fitted. Incidentally, my 1700 v4 with a highgates twin is the opposite and goes quite(ish)at 75.  
06/08/2003 19:08:56   ian   With the exception of my 68 95 which doesn't appear to suffer with resonance problems even at indicated speeds of over 90mph, the only other V4's I've had that haven't had the problem have been a couple fitted with clamps/braces extending from the engine mounts to the downpipes. I use the resonance to moderate the speed on motorways as most of mine were affected at just over 70mph.  
06/08/2003 22:02:53   Chris   Hi Simond
My 72 96 has all ways had this rough spot is's under about 68 or over 70 I have had my car for most of it's 30 years and try not to drive in that speed band I think mine seems to affected by how tigt the nuts on the exhuast flanges are so I think there must something along that line. My car has the clamp/braces on the down pipes I have put this down to one of the little diferances of the V4  
07/08/2003 10:03:41   Alec   My car did it with the standard exhaust at about 65 and then again at about 81. It is a feature of the car, V4 drivers learn to avoid driving at theses speeds.  
07/08/2003 16:51:58   Alistair   I agree - just put your foot down & get past it!!  
07/08/2003 18:16:03   ian   I'll second Alistair's comment.  
08/08/2003 23:59:26   Simon   Thanks guys - I'll look out for it - at least it sounds as if nothing is about to fall off!!

Thanks again, I'm really surprised by how many replies this has got.

I used to have a 95 and it never made a noise like this, so thanks for making me aware of this weird noise.


10/08/2003 12:21:11   louis   Strange topic here I have never heard this noise either on my car or on any other V4 that I have driven, or is it that having hardly driven anything else I am so used to it. But maybe continental climat has something to do with it!!! My say is that the drone noise would have been a worn out bearing...  
11/08/2003 10:48:18   Richard   Mine was exhaust, went with new system. Wheel bearing tend to have a knocking to go with the drone. If you drive with four knacked bearings, a droning exhaust and steel timing gears you will have a mobile night club.  
11/08/2003 19:04:17   Alistair   You forgot the wailing pinion bearing Richard! Coupled with loose ball joints cluning, squeaky shocks and a collapsed rear gearbox mount so the box sits on the floorpan & rumbles some decent bass. Hmm, sounds like my last 96 when I bought it ;-)  
12/08/2003 07:45:40   Richard   yeh, and with the free wheel you can vary the gearbox noise, therefore you can do a bit of mixing.  

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