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06/08/2003 22:11:06   Chris   is it posable to change the centre bush on the rear axle of a 96 V4 without taking the axle right off the car and wear can I get a bush  
07/08/2003 10:01:26   Alec   Would be a bit difficult as you need to use a press to get the new one in. It is not a huge job to remove the axle though.
As to where you would get one I am not sure. I bought mine from SAAB but that was 10 years ago and I don't think they still do them.  
12/08/2003 13:40:05   steve h   I got one from Highgates. I agree with Alec, taking the rear axle off is relatively easy. You dont even need spring compressors if you are clever with axle stands and a jack. You just then undo the brakes and un bolt the axle from under the back seat.

But before we get carried away, Why do you want to change the bearing? I was doing during a renovation, and on looking at it decided it was fine so didnt chnage it. Are you sure yours has gone? What are the symptoms?  

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