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11/08/2003 20:18:25   John   I have an unhealthy clunking coming from the front wheel/drive shaft area, especially when on full right hand lock. Any suggestion please especially where any bits I might need can be sourced. Thank you.  
11/08/2003 20:30:08   Mr.G.Burrell   I have an old SAAB in my drive which I was going to restore.I bought it approx 3 years ago- I have no registraton documents but reg is CFM 407L.I bought it from a scrap dealer in Stockport who was in the process of having it crushed - it was my intention to restore this vehicle to its former glory.Unfortunately I have been unable to fulfil this ambition and so must let it go.Bodywork is shot but I think there are probably some mechanicals which might be of some good.Its in a bit of a sorry but - it is free to a good home if anyone is interested - all they need to do is come and collect it. Many Thanks
12/08/2003 10:10:59   Nick   Sounds like the CV joint to me. I've just had mine reconditioned and they work smoothly and quietly, see my previous entry on re-con CV Joint for the contact details.  
12/08/2003 10:11:52   Nick   Call Bob at Driveshaft UK, Unit 4, Victoria Buildings, Newhall Street, Willenhall. WV13 1LQ Tel/Fax: 01902 602100  
12/08/2003 13:12:56   steve h   or you can get a whole drive shaft from highgates. Easier that trying to replace cv joints.  
12/08/2003 21:42:38   John   Nick, thanks for the info. on the CV recon.
13/08/2003 09:02:00   Alec   Nick,
If you don't mind me asking, how much did the recon work cost?  
13/08/2003 12:39:23   Nick   Because I needed it done quickly they arranged for my old one to be picked up (cost about 11 for that) It was couriered back to me the next day. Total bill including VAT, courier, boot kit was 66.98 but at least I now have a CV joint that will be solid for many years to come.  
13/08/2003 15:52:24   Alec   Wow, that seems very reasonable to me. I will keep a note of them.  
13/08/2003 17:31:04   Nick   The service there was excellent, they even painted the recon joint for me, highly recommended.  

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