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13/08/2003 10:07:58   Alec   Hi All,
I have made some changes to the forum pages. You will now have to enter valid email address when starting or replying to a thread. Also, I have written in some anti-spam code to stop people scanning this board for email addresses. I hope this will help reduce the amount of spam we all get!
13/08/2003 21:51:34   John   Alec, I've only had my 96 for a couple of months, but already have found the discussion threads invaluable. Many thanks.  
14/08/2003 08:37:53   Alec   Thanks John, nice to know the forum is useful. Collective knowledge is a great thing.  
14/08/2003 09:14:25   Nick   alec, a very useful forum indeed. I think the recent interest in tuning the V4 has proved invaluable to me. Maybe all regulars should meet up soon for a race?!  
14/08/2003 19:01:15   Alec   Yeah, and maybe I will compile all the info that was sent to me about tuning soon and get it posted up here on the web. Thanks to all who sent stuff, sorry I haven't sorted it yet!!  

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