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21/08/2003 12:58:54   Richard   Before anyone gets ripped off price wise on these units from specialists, you can buy direct from chassis dynamics or demon tweeks for 42+VAT each.  
22/08/2003 07:52:42   Alec   I believe they are even cheaper if you buy them direct from AVO
22/08/2003 10:04:09   Senor Burt   I see what you mean about getting ripped off after checking a 'specialist's' prices. I have seen them being sold for more than twice that price.
Do you have the part numbers for the front & rear V4 shocks?  
22/08/2003 10:52:57   Richard   ring them direct, they will sort it out. Their service is excellent, they were out of stock of front dampers so had to make some, they arrived within three weeks.  
24/08/2003 18:37:19   John   Alec, I feel that I should know, but who/where are AVO? Thankyou.  

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