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22/08/2003 15:26:23   Tom   Can anyone recommend a classic car insurance company. Each year i leave it until the last moment and end up going with the company i've always been with who put the price up every year - even when i move to a bigger house with garage. I'm currently paying 150 fully comp. limited to 5,000 miles per year, but i always bump into people saying they are paying about 100 or so.
22/08/2003 17:39:00   Alec   I think mine was about 120 at an agreed value of 5000 and limited to 4500 miles. That is with Peter Best Insurance 01376 573033. That also includes roadside assistance.  
23/08/2003 09:43:24   Senor Burt   Is that him wot used to be in the Beatles?
While we're on the subject of insurance, does anyone know anything about the best way to insure heavily modified cars?  
23/08/2003 09:44:24   Senor Burt    
23/08/2003 14:01:24   Tom   Thanks Alec. That sounds ideal. I'll check them out.  
26/08/2003 14:50:08   steve h   my modified 96 is with highways via Chris Knott. It around 250 fully comp a year but it is parked on the street in Hackney. Im limited to 5k a year.  
26/08/2003 15:14:01   Nick   Just had a quote via Chris Knott who put me through to Nortons who deal with the Car Club affiliated insurance. They quoted me 189.35 fully comp for my unmodified garaged 1975 96 with a max mileage of 5K. I also get UK & European breakdown cover with an excess on all claims of 100. This price is on condition that I am a member of the SOC which I am considering doing anyway. I spoke with a chap called Andrew at Nortons whos direct phone number is 0121 2466067  
26/08/2003 18:44:11   Alec   I was with Highway/Chris Knott myself for my Viggen uptil this year. Last year the cost was about 550 this year thay wanted 800!!!! So I shopped around and found Sainsbury's to be by far the cheapest and good insurance to boot (400).  
26/08/2003 21:56:26   James Ayres   I paid 199 with Sureterm (number in all the classic car mags) That's for 2 people fully comp, 5000 miles and for business use! It's also not garaged but on a driveway, I also live in Liverpool!  
27/08/2003 21:27:56   brian mcmillan   try carole nash they are the cheapest,tel 08002985500  

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