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24/08/2003 18:17:33   James Ayres   I finally bought my stainless steel exhaust and rear brake shoes, brake cylinders and flexi pipes. Any advice or pitfalls would be appreciated. By the way I bought the exhaust from 'Stirling Exhausts Ltd' found in the 'Driver' magazine for 300, I hope it sounds as good as it looks!
26/08/2003 14:32:08   steve h   what design do they use. Is it as standard or more like the jetex?  
26/08/2003 17:38:49   James Ayres   I don't know what the design is but it looks very much like the unit thats already on the car... except made from stainless steel.  
28/08/2003 14:13:06   James Ayres   If anyone is interested - the stainless steel exhaust was easy to fit and sounds wonderful - just like a new car with a slightly more resonant (not loud) note! I'd recommend 'Stirling Exhausts' found in the Saab Driver.
04/09/2003 13:09:28   John Hansen   Halfords will sell you a complete Jetex system (incl fitting kit) for 234 and their quality claims make me think that it will last as long as a previous stainless system lasted for me (7 years).  

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