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24/08/2003 18:32:20   John   I'm about to re-assemble my near side drive shaft after having the outer C.V. joint re-cond.
Does anyone know; 1. a good way to keep the circlip on the middle section in place within its groove whilst re-assebling and 2. how to ensure it then releases correctly to make the engagement? Thank you.  
25/08/2003 10:21:07   Senor Burt   It helps to swear a lot whilst attempting this job. There are numerous (slightly dubious) techniques if you haven't got the special tool(which very few people do.
Place the hub on an upside down wheel, you can bolt it on with a couple of bolts. with the help of an assistant, push the circlip into the groove with a small flat screwdriver on each side whilst you apply pressure to the top of the driveshaft, you may need to give it a whack with a hammer, but you should get it in eventually. I've also tried big cable ties and jubilee clips to hold the clip in, with varying amounts of success. As long as you get the clip in, it will always engage correctly.  
25/08/2003 18:24:57   John   To Senor Burt
Many thanks fo the tips. I think my wife should also stay out of hearing range when I do this.  

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