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29/08/2003 18:31:46   John   i've just checked my front pads and notice that they are wedge shaped and not parallel. Can anyone tell me if this is how they are when new or have mine worn unevenly? If the latter why might they have worn down in this way? Thank you.  
29/08/2003 22:24:22   ian   No need to worry, your pads are the right shape and as they wear they'll come closer to parallel. They need to be wedge-shaped when new to allow for the pivoting (swinging) caliper and single piston.
31/08/2003 21:52:08   John   Ian, many thanks fo the info. Can I ask where you source your new pads and shoes or are they available at any decent accesory outlet? Thank you.  
01/09/2003 13:22:19   ian   Other than Saab originals obtained at the various spares do's my last set of non-original 'shop bought' pads came from the oddly named 'Valve Shop' on Radford Road in Nottingham. For some reason the Valve Shop seems to be able to source a lot of parts that other other accessory shops can't or won't supply. From memory they only cost 12 or 13.
If you can't find a set locally and you're happy to pay postage, I can pick up a set of each (front and rear) if they're still available and post them on.

01/09/2003 13:39:57   steve h   Of course highgates do them although i would be beware of their original equipment ones as the ones I had put black dust over everything. The non original one I now have seem much better. Otherwise, you used to be able to get them any parts shop including halfords if you give them a days notice.  
01/09/2003 19:31:19   John   Ian and steve h.
Many thanks, will let you know if I get stuck.  

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