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03/09/2003 23:00:53   Alistair   Thought some of you might like to know that at Newark I was presented with an offer I'm going to find hard to refuse.

MCP wants to give his oldest 96 (a nice "airforce" blue 1970 one - wish I knew the proper name for the colour but it's like Gerald Chamberlain's) to his first granddaughter, who is two. This means I have to become the caretaker of said 96 for the next 16 years. Haven't sorted out the arrangements yet but I suspect that we may well be enjoying a few trips out in a 96 again next year.

Still need to find a way of funding a hot one though...

Now, anyone got any advice on fitting kiddie seats into 96s?!  
04/09/2003 07:51:51   Richard   Put them on the roof so they dont get on your nerves when enjoying your 96.  
04/09/2003 08:36:55   Alec   At last Alistair :)  
04/09/2003 14:04:36   Senor Burt   Have them adopted so you can keep the 96 for yourself. She'll probably want a Fiesta or whatever the future equivalent will be in 16 years time. You've yet to the experience the true horror of offspring ingratitude. I met a chap at an SOC rally a few years ago who had spent 3000 restoring a 95 for his teenage son, who then said he wanted a Mk3 Escort instead.  
05/09/2003 00:46:22   Alistair   Thanks guys, there's nothing like good advice from real experts and that was nothing like...

Seriously, can you fit a kiddie seat effectively using static seatbelts? My gut feel is it should be better with statics but am not 100% sure? I'll have to think about rear belts too though, so may go for inertias for ease...  
05/09/2003 08:46:54   Alec   Now then Alistair,
I am, of course, an expert with the old kiddie seats...not.
I put static belts in the back of the car for mine. the theory is great, the practice not so good. It is not so bad if you never have to adjust the belt for different seats/children/adults as they take forever to get at the right tension for the seats. I always end up swearing whilst fitting them!
Normally what happens is in a fit of temper I put one of them on the front seat as it is easier to adjust the belt and tell the trouble and strife that she will have to sit in the back.  
05/09/2003 14:12:41   steve h   Being a new dad myself we can fit our seat in both our 96s. Baby seats are tricky. The new ones are generally too big to get rear or front belts round but 9months plus ones are fine and in fact the front belts being static makes them more secure in the front.

Rear belts, if you havent got them already, bolt in the the holes built in by saab behind and under the rear seat. On my restored 96 I put extra plates in the rear inner wheel arch so the reel units could be neatly hidden in the boot for 4 point fittings. They look factory fitted. The workday 96 just has reels bolted in the holes above the rear seat corners. Ugly but functional.  

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