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05/09/2003 18:02:19   john   I saw a classic mag ad recently advertising re-con calipers for about 50 quid, this seems like a bargain given the mammoth task of trying to put old calipers into good shape, does anyone have any knowledge of these.

06/09/2003 07:44:29   Alec   I have seen this advert too. I did ring them once, they didn't have any in stock but could re-con mine for the same price.  
08/09/2003 13:17:16   bill rawles   If it is the company in cheshire then I have used them and they are fine. My calipers were little more than blobs of rust when I bought the car, quite scary considering it had an MOT, their calipers are still working well afte 18 months.  

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