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07/09/2003 15:37:24   Paul   Now that i've found all the bits i need, i'm planning on rebuilding my engine this week. Those of you who are long term readers of these discussion pages will remember that when i removed the pistons i found that they were caked in black carbon (1-2mm thick!), which i was informed was because i used to use a petrol additive. Anyway, my question now is how do i remove it? It's baked on pretty hard - i've soaked it in engine degreasant and followed this up by attacking it with a plastic scraper, but have succeeded only in scraping the plastic. Any ideas, preferably cheap ones?  
07/09/2003 18:02:23   Alec   Ge stuck in Paul, my preference is for a wire wheel on a drill so long as you are careful. The carbon has probably just built up over the years. Some of the cheaper petrol additives do cause a whiteish powder but yours just sounds like a general build up.  
08/09/2003 20:12:20   Paul   Thanks Alec for your thoughts.
What is it i'm trying to be careful of? I did think about using something like you suggest (even though I don't have a drill i might be able to borrow one from somewhere), but would have thought that wire would scratch up the piston's crown - would this not be a bad thing? Is a drill necessary, or can i use a wire brush (with elbow grease)?  
09/09/2003 08:27:43   Alec   Wire brush and elbow grease would be fine. Just try not to scratch down the sides of the piston.  
10/09/2003 16:23:36   Alistair   Is it worth using an orbital sander to minimise risk of scratching the piston sides?  
10/09/2003 16:47:22   Richard   I use a special scrapper, but this is one of those family hand-me-downs, the options above seem OK.  

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