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07/09/2003 20:45:17   David Lowe   Now being the proud owner of three 95 V4 estates, I'm planning on getting 2 good ones out of them (latest acquisistion suffering from serious metal cancer but has a good recon engine - started first time after 11 years!). While the bodywork is being done I'd like to see about getting one or two gearboxes checked out and rebuilt if required. Question for all you knowledgeable people out there: is it reasonably simple for a competent mechanical engineer to tackle at home (ie are spares easily available?)? If not, who's the current gearbox whizzkid to whom I might send boxes and money?

PS: I agree wholeheartedly with Alistair and Senor Burt (and others) that the 95 is a wonderful car. A mate of mine has 3 (and he's promised me one of them!) and I recently met Melissa (sold her a couple of rear quarter-windows) who is absolutely bonkers about hers, too. Long live the 95 - if I had more covered space I'd acquire a lot more to save them from the scrapheap .......... but I don't and my wife now has serious doubts about my sanity ..... shared by the neighbours. She does lend me her 9-5 Aero Estate to tow the trailer .... to fetch more V4s!!!  
08/09/2003 09:23:33   Senor Burt   I know the feeling. I only have room for 4 cars, and only one is a 95! Fortunately the rest are also SAABs, with another 96 in a remote location. You need to get a bigger engine in one of the 95's then you wouldn't have to stoop to driving the Vauxhall.
Have you got many 95 spares? I'm not really looking for anything at the moment, but it would be good to know where I could go for help in an emergency.  
08/09/2003 10:46:23   Alistair   Hi David

Top gearbox man I know of is Chris Partington.

I've personally never done much with them besides changing freewheel units, when I ran my V4s there were still quite a few reasonable boxes around in breakers, so it was easier to swap the box than mend it. Mind you, I did contribute quite heavily to the lack of spare boxes nowadays by breaking the C&P on two boxes with iffy pinion bearings...which I then threw away!  
08/09/2003 13:18:57   bill rawles   How do you contact the mythical Chris Partington? I,ve seen the name mentioned a few times but never in association with a phone number!!  
10/09/2003 16:14:14   Alistair   I'm not going to give out someone's private phone number on an Internet site for obvious reasons. Drop me an email and I'll send you his contact details.  
10/09/2003 21:21:10   Fred   dear david,

It`s possible to overhaul your own gearbox, but you need some special tools for dissasembly/assembly
I had once trouble with a loosend locknut(not enough secured by the previous owner) and dammaged mine shaft with first and second gear.I made a special support so my gearbox could stand upright and changed it myself.
You have to work very precize and a saab workshop manual is necessary.especially the shimming of the endcap must be precize because of oil-canals.If you want to overhaul your own gearbox make sure you have got plenty off time and don`t make it a hasty job.

Sorry for my bad english

greetings fred (holland)  
11/09/2003 07:52:53   Richard   Chris's prices are so good why bother doing it yourself. I provided him with a gear set and he provide everything else at no extra cost on top of a normal gearbox rebuild. He is retired really, but will still do the boxes.  
12/09/2003 22:18:42   David   Many thanks, everyone, for your helpful replies - I had heard Chris's name before (from Tony P in Yeovil) so I'll be looking to contact him. I'll be in touch, Alistair, for the details. Whatever anyone says about "modern" Saabs being "Vauxhalls" there's little doubt that they're superbly put together. The Aero estate is wonderfully comfortable and goes like greased weasel s**t (even tho it's only got the 230hp donk). I have dreams of customising one of the V4s - ideas not fully formed yet - so watch this space (in slow time!).

Senor Burt - I have quite a few spares for 95s as I've been promised another one by a friend who has 3 V4s (a 67, a 72/73 and a later one that he's keeping as it's in quite good nick). I'm having the 72/73 one (M reg) which is in red/silver metallic and may provide some donor panels for my brown one (aka Mem Saab). Let me know what you need as I won't be scrapping anything that can be removed from the bodyshell - one of my shells is really poor so will have to go. Got to build an extension to the garage to store all this stuff .............  

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