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08/09/2003 13:30:38   paul hetherington   Any offer advice on putting decent audio into a V4 without any cutting into door panels etc. On the rear parcel shelf I would probably mount speakers onto the underside and cover in a black acoustic cloth so they cannot be seen. Front speakers would go who knows where? And mounting a head unit up front? If you've seen any sites, esp with pics etc, showing who has done this, please let me know.  
08/09/2003 13:56:22   steve h   Door panels are only made of hardboard and you will find they are probably half rotten anyway. If you mount speakers in the bottom front corner there is pleanty of space behind. You can just put them in the back but having tried this, the sound quality is poor and you can deafen rear passengers while not being able to hear anything in the front. Sound quality is also improved if you glue some thick sound deadening felt to the inside of the door panel skin.
Head units go well to the right of the driver in a spares shop plastic carrier. After many years of crap bits of metal holding this in I have found by far the best solution is to screw a piece of 1" by 1" timber to the rear of the bit of frame down there, and then screw the carrier in to that. The wood absorbs vibrations and allows you to adjust everything several times very easily, and then provide a very secure final fix.  
08/09/2003 18:41:53   john   I had flush mount 6x9s in my car with a pair of raised pioneers mounted above the map pocket/buckets at the front, they were old style shelf speakers which are high at the back and low at the front and worked very well, Fitting them in the standard doors is not in my experience a decent option, dont know how safe it is where you live but i have had 2 V4's broken into for speakers and stereo, it is probably worth keeping your system discreet, although i have never done it I think the head unit in the glove box is a good idea.

09/09/2003 10:45:45   Senor Burt   Is the sweet note of the V4 not music enough?  
09/09/2003 10:46:54   Senor Burt   I took out the 'bins' and fitted 'pod' speakers in their place.  
10/09/2003 16:27:27   Alistair   I used the sort of cheapo wedge-type "top of the parcel shelf with big writing on to show I'm a boy racer" speakers, just kicking around under the front seats, held in by the wire. If you wanted to be a bit radical they could be screwed to the floor!

Don't forget, the main purpose of music in a V4 is to drown out the noise of the whining gearbox... ;-)  
10/09/2003 16:41:28   Richard   I invite a local band to play in my V4.  
10/09/2003 18:11:39   Senor Burt   Marching, big, brass, mississippi jazz or rock 'n' roll?  
11/09/2003 08:53:01   Alec   Before I restored my V4 and it was my everyday car (I was a bit boy racer then!). I had 6X9's under a double thickness parcel shelf with accoustic cloth over the top so they couldn't be seen. An amp under the rear seat to run them (loads of room under there) and 6" door speakers with a pioneer head unit - it did sound sweet!

Well, things have changed somewhat now... I now have a combined radio/8-track player up front (real retro stuff) and small speakers hidden under the front seat, which, by the way are rubbish!

I give up trying to listen to it on motorways but it is fine around town to drown out the screaming kids in the back.  
11/09/2003 12:48:24   john   I have a single blaupunkt speaker in the back shelf connected to a wireless under the glovebox, this receives both AM and LW frequencies.  
11/09/2003 13:37:42   Nick   I have a cassette player with removable fascia attached via a piece of MDF under the centre heater vents, hooked up to a mini disc player.
Looks pants but then who wants to steal a pants stereo head unit? Mini disc is removed when I leave the car.
Two 200 watt speakers are mounted on an MDF parcel shelf but will be recessed and covered with acoustic cloth as soon as I get the car back from the garage.
Front speakers were mounted in the space above the front bins but sound quality is pretty poor and I might be taking them out altogether as the sound from the back is great.
Now that I have a new and nicer sounding exhaust system I haven't used the stereo at all. Instead I can be seen driving around with my head hanging out the window enjoying the lush V4 rumble....not too pleasant in the rain though! My advice would be to buy a new exhaust system and juicy carb set-up.
Anyone done the head unit in the glove box? Have quickly checked for space and the heater tubes get in the way. Any notes/pics would be good to see.  
11/09/2003 22:46:43   Alistair   And I thought the glove box was for either keeping a torch for those dark-night repairs or for fitting a Halda...

Used to mount stereos either on RHS of column under dash or under fresh air vents in centre. The boot of a V4 does lend itself well to speakers sunk into (a more solid) parcel-shelf...  

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