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08/09/2003 14:24:28   Tom   I'm trying to take the manifold section of my Highgate twin exhaust pipe out for repair because the baffle section has cracked and is vibrating. The problem si that one of the mnaifold studs is rotating in situ. The nut is totally stuck, the access is restricted, the nut is so tight against the pipe it can hardly move anyway. Does anyone know of any device that might be able to help and info about how the studs actually connect.  
09/09/2003 09:58:07   Tom   If anyone else has this problem you might want to know that the studs are screw-threaded in, so if they rotate like mine - continue and they will come out. Then when you put them back in use some thread lock glue.  
10/09/2003 16:16:42   steve h   Or get some stainless allen key bolts in place of the studs. Makes life much easier even with the highgates system.  

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