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08/09/2003 22:11:32   paul   Oh, and any advice on Alarm systems also appreciated. Not sure how extreem to go for a classic. Just an imboliser? I feel that if someone does break in I'd like some noise to be made. Do good examples attract more attention than the average car? In all you V4 owners experience - what's the desired/required spec for an Alarm on a shiny/chromey 1969 V4? And who is not going to balls up my car when fitting it?  
09/09/2003 10:45:23   James Ayres   I am also interested in fitting an alarm to my v4. However, like Paul, I don't want to drill holes in the body or anything extreme. Any advice would be appreciated.
09/09/2003 10:52:35   Senor Burt   The easiest way to avoid break-in damage - don't lock it. As long as you don't have anything worth stealing in there. Who's going to steal it? If someone succeeds in starting it, they'll only be able to drive in reverse. The gearbox lock is a perfect immobiliser.
Anybody ever hear of a V4 being stolen?  
09/09/2003 18:32:22   ian   Yes....and not just once....fortunately none of them were mine.  
10/09/2003 10:19:34   Senor Burt   How? Did the thieves speed away backwards? I know you can do 99/900 ignitions with a slide hammer, but there can't be many car criminals who could get round the V4 gearbox lock.  
10/09/2003 12:06:10   James Ayres   I think the point of anti-theft devices is to deter would-be thieves, if they know you have an alarm and immobiliser (even if it's a locked reverse) they are less likely to break in! A broken window or a bent out door or a popped door lock causes a classic car owner more problems than it's worth. Once again, anyone out there with some advice on fitting an alarm to a v4?
10/09/2003 12:36:53   Richard   It should be the same as fitting it to any older car I would think. Best bet would be to talk to an alarm specialist. You will probably get cheaper insurance too.  
10/09/2003 16:13:04   steve h   You will probably find even if you leave the doors unlocked a thief wouldnt try them and smash the window (normally the rear sides) first. Solution - always have a spare side window in the shed and chill. Ive had two done in 15 years. At that rate I have another one due in 6  
10/09/2003 19:04:24   simon   A great way to imobolise your V4 was shared with us by Isobel on her old page in the Driver:
Apply handbrake fully, then slide the handle up towards the thumb button. This makes it imposible to release the thumb button and thus the rear brakes.
Good trick to catch ya mates out with too ;-)  
11/09/2003 11:33:44   Alistair   A similar effect can be achieved by converting the handbrake to a fly-off type (you have to reverse the pawl in the ratchet mechanism so that it "locks" in the other direction) - that way anyone pressing the button is locking the handbrake rather than releasing it. Used to have great fun at MOT time with that one.

Also makes for very quick & easy handbrake turns too, if that floats your boat...  

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