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09/09/2003 08:58:16   dhPaul   I'm trying to replace the front flexihoses. I have liberally sprayed the union to the metal brake pipe, the locknut etc with penetrating oil over several days, but using a 13mm brake pipe nut tool all I am achieving is moving the whole setup.
Any tips please?
Is applying heat (I have a paint stripper gun) a sensible and safe option?  
10/09/2003 16:18:18   steve h   Have you locked the other side with mole grips?  
10/09/2003 16:32:02   Alistair   Heat isn't a sensible & safe option as brake fluid is flammable.  
10/09/2003 16:44:02   Richard   This can be a problem if you have damaged the pipe by twisting then it will need replacing, by a brake pipe kit and make them yourself.  
10/09/2003 16:45:44   Richard   Oh, Suppertrol 005 is excellent at loosening rusted nuts.  

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