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11/09/2003 12:38:23   john   Thinking of selling my LHD, 1972 V4. its in pretty good condition, not restored but i have replaced all the rotten metal, replaced the water pump, clutch (complete), it has a highgate saab twin exhaust fitted and it is a dark green. Full years MOT (belgian equivilant).
Now, i know what i paid for it but what would you say its worth? I really don't know what to advertise it for. Its about a 6/10.  
11/09/2003 22:42:04   Alistair   Is the car in Belgium or UK? LHD will have a -ve effect on price in the UK. Middle book in the UK classic car rags is usually about 750-1000, but it all depends...

12/09/2003 07:15:03   john   its in belgium. it looks good, so i'm going to try for 2300euro(1500), and see who turns up.  

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