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11/09/2003 13:36:32   James Ayres   Hello all, I'm having some welding done and an inch of it is intruding under the back seat. Unfortunately I cannot remove the seat as the knob came off in my hand when I pulled it. How can I get the seat out to access this area. Urgently required as the welding is being done today (11.09.03) or tomorrow at the latest!!!
11/09/2003 13:41:35   Nick   Try giving the guys at Highgate a quick call.

Not tried it myself but you could try removing the top part of the seat first and maybe get access that way somehow?  
11/09/2003 22:58:55   Alistair   Presume you are talking about the back of the seat and not the squab?

I'm fairly sure the linkage that the knob is fastened to is accessible from the boot and you can lever it out from that side. Good luck!  
12/09/2003 18:27:07   James Ayres   There seems to be only one way! Get your hand and arm in between the seat and the back rest and fiddle, tug and mutter to yourself until you release it. Then repair the linkage to the knob and hope it doesn't happen again!

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