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15/09/2003 11:08:24   Calvin   I'm based in London and I wanted to find an inexpensive place to repsray my 96. I'm on a tight budget so wanted to find affordable place. Can anyone suggest anywhere and a price?  
15/09/2003 15:33:17   steve h   Dont bother. Patch it up till you can afford a good one or you will need to do it again in a couple of years.  
16/09/2003 10:28:44   Senor Burt   That's probably right. You get what you pay for. Cheap resprays can have a nasty finish.  
17/09/2003 17:48:39   Calvin   what you suggest is a a reasonale price for a good respray?  
17/09/2003 22:44:44   simon   Dear Calvin,
For work to be 'good' (exceeding the factory?): Dismantled, de glassed and striped to metal skin, followed by zinc etch, primer, high build and quality two pack (2K) top coatings, about 2000.00. Bare in mind that you will ideally need 4 or 5 litres of top coat (even more if you get them to rub down the 2K top coats with 800 and keep re-coating for a deeper than cellulose reflection) at about 70 a litre plus hardner and thiner, so its not just paying for the labour (lots and lots and lots of that - me man used to just do RR & Astons where he would take a full month on each car!).
My lime green beast just back from this treatment - gorgeous :-)  
18/09/2003 15:18:11   Calvin   can anyone lend me 2000 then!!?  

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