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15/09/2003 15:55:06   john   can someone talk me through checking the timing with a strobe light? I need to set my timing and don't want to mess it up!  
15/09/2003 16:53:28   Alistair   First advice is buy a workshop manual for the V4, as it's very well documented there.

Slightly faster advice is as follows:

There's a notch on the balance shaft pulley and some markings on the front cover of the engine used to set the timing.

Ensure engine is warm and ticking over at 800 rpm (-ish)
Connect your strobe to plug #1.
Disconnect the vaccuum hose from the distributor.
Loosen nut on distributor clamp.
Point strobe at the timing marks, a darkened garage helps
Swing the dissie to adjust timing to 6 degrees BTDC
Tighten the clamp again.

15/09/2003 18:13:27   Alec   And don't forget to set the points first.  
16/09/2003 10:27:27   Senor Burt   If it's one of those strobes that has the degrees wheel on it, make sure it's set to zero! These are usually the more expensive models.  
16/09/2003 11:16:36   john   no, its a simple strobe (cheapest) so i understand that the marks are 6BTDC? I've only ever strobed two stroke singles before.  
17/09/2003 11:22:37   Alistair   It's really easy (and good point about doing points first Alec!) - the marks on the front cover are very clear - they should read:

You're aiming for the one that says 6!

You might need to clean up the area and the bit of the pulley with the notch on first, sometimes pays to dab a little silver paint on the notch to help see it.

If the setting changes significantly once you reconnect the vaccuum hose then either you have too much vac at idle or the vacuum unit is iffy.  
17/09/2003 14:13:13   steve h   I find a tipex pen an essential addition to my tool box for this job.

Unless you have electronic ignition fitted, which if not why not, as it pays for itself very quickly, you will find the timing goes out very quickly as the points wear. With electrinic ignition, Aldon ignitor or luminition, you need only ever do this job once then you can give your strobe away to an originallity anorak.  
17/09/2003 18:09:44   Alec   then you can give your strobe away to an originallity anorak

Like me!
18/09/2003 12:12:58   john   i have an electronic ignition..........unfortunately its fitted to my 1960 lambretta!!!! got some chalk to do the marks with, cheers for all your help BTW.
alistair are you a saab mechanic?  
18/09/2003 16:02:16   john   ok! points were pitted and black, and barely opening, changed those, set them to .40mm put everything back together and now it won't start at all, just a little fart every few turns. tried dizzie in a few different positions including original (i marked it before).
all wiring is correct and set up.
what am i doing wrong? what make is the electronic? who sells them? do they do mail order?  
18/09/2003 16:26:35   Richard   Start from scratch and follow the haynes manual. First set up the dizzy position and follow the book to the letter. If you are way out with the dizzy position it will not start.  
18/09/2003 16:38:25   john   anychance of scanning the relevant pages and mailing? i have no manual. also if i am to fit an aldon ignitor, which one do i go for?  

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