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16/09/2003 23:39:00   Don Faulkner   Does anyone know where I can get a set of suspension bump stops for a 1972 V4, The suppliers who bother to reply to my emails only seem to want to sell suspension bushes. These are the last parts I need to register my car. By the way as far as I am aware there are only two 96's in Queensland Australia my V4 and a three cylinder if anyone knows of others would love to hear.  
17/09/2003 14:05:08   steve h   Ken and Mel - look in the contacts section for Highgates.

(Im going to start asking for commision soon)  
18/09/2003 22:56:05   Don Faulkner   Thanks Steve you wouldn't believe the number of US dealers who didn't even reply to my emails. Anyway rang highgate and yes they had all the parts I need to finish the car and I should have them in about a week. Good service - friendly people.  

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