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17/09/2003 20:45:05   Nick   I had a twin choke Solex carb and double barrel inlet manifold fitted a short while ago. All was well and tick over was fine. Have just picked car up from garage after having a new gearbox, clutch and lightened flywheel fitted and the tick over is all over the place. I have not had time or daylight to have a good look at it but if I adjust the tick over screw it idles fast but irregularly. Any ideas on how to fix this or what might be causing the problem?  
18/09/2003 07:59:38   Richard   Check that the choke is working correctly and not causing rich running. Also check the ignition leads etc.
Your engine will not tick over as smooth with a lightend flywheel anyway, so an increase in idle rpm may be required.  
18/09/2003 09:32:36   Nick   I realise the lightened flywheel will require a higher tickover rpm. I did think it might be a choke issue but I'm not really sure how to adjust this. When the carb was first installed it worked fine but was slightly harder to start than the standard FoMoCo unit. Is the carb adjusting a straight forward job?  
18/09/2003 10:27:00   Senor Burt   Check the timing too, It always seems to go out when the engine's been out.
As long as the choke is off when the engine's warm it should be OK.
You may like to try adjusting the idle mixture. I'm not familiar with the Solex, but it's usually a screw on the carb body somewhere. Turn it back and forth until you find the point at which the engine runs smoothest.  
18/09/2003 11:10:57   Alistair   Also check all vacuum & oil vapour circulation hoses are correctly fitted. This can affect idle mixture and cause strange pressure related problems.

For a quick & dirty check of mixture, whip a plug out & see what it looks like. Should be very fine sandy brown deposits. If black = too rich, if shiny bare metal/white deposits = too lean. Assuming car is nicely warmed up before you do it that is...  
18/09/2003 11:42:48   Nick   Thanks everyone. I have spoken with the garage who did the work and he has suggested looking at the linkage but I can't see how this could cause an irregular idle problem. I have noticed that the vent tube from the rocker cover is not linked to the air filter housing but it was like this before this current problem arose, was considering installing a vent filter instead of hooking it up to the airfilter. Is this a good idea?
I still have a feeling the choke is somehow at fault. I am going to have a look at it during my lunch break to see if can sort it with the advice already given. if not I will be back here again I'm sure.  
18/09/2003 12:32:40   Richard   I always run the breather pipe to the filter on mild modified cars and weld larger rocker breather pipes on with hoses going into a 1 litre vent tank on well modified engines. this stops pinking caused by oil vapour.  
18/09/2003 13:01:10   Nick   I have had slight pinking before. Would you suggest then that I get a rocker cover filter or link it up to the air filter? Am looking at a K&N or similar in the near future  
18/09/2003 14:03:31   Nick   Well just had a look and have a slight concern. Linkage seemed fine and moved freely.
Looking into the chokes with the airfilter housing removed I could see in both barrels but more so in the second barrel, fuel was dripping rather than spraying at lower revs. This cannot be good but what is the cause and how can I solve it? Urgent advice needed please!  
18/09/2003 14:27:42   Nick   A quick call to Ken @ Highgate gave another possible cause.
it was suggested that I take the float chamber apart. The engine was removed and probably left on its side for a while and dirt could be causing a blockage or sticking somewhere.
Carb surgery it is then tonight!  
19/09/2003 09:20:54   Nick   Last night I had enough daylight to clean out the float chamber which had some dirt in it. Didn't have the chance to adjust the idle mixture which is next on the list.
Anyone know where I can get a rebuild kit for the twin choke Solex?  
23/09/2003 09:27:27   Alistair   Try someone like Demon Tweeks for the rebuild kit.  
23/09/2003 12:54:16   Nick   Lots of fiddling with different screws on the carb has resulted in a more driveable car. It is by no means perfect but i have booked her in for a rolling road session for a pro diagnosis and hopefully an affordable long term solution.
The extra power is great fun and have even managed to spin the wheels (unintentionally I promise)when pulling away from the lights! Looking forward to having it all set up properly.  

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