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18/09/2003 11:28:24   Alistair   Had a query from an SOC member looking for help in the North East to sort out his 96 which has quite a hot engine, in theory, but is only putting out about 57bhp so appears a little sick. Can anyone recommend somebody?

18/09/2003 12:34:40   Richard   Phil Wilks is still about. How far North East are we talking?  
23/09/2003 09:22:35   Alistair   The guy is in Northumberland, so really looking at Newcastle/maybe as far south as Durham?  
23/09/2003 12:41:57   Richard   There is a Philip Wilks Saab garage in Durham tel 0191 3735301. I am putting two and two together that this may be Phil Wilks's garage, you may want to check with Mr Darlington.  

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