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08/08/2002 09:10:00   Jake   at last a two year body work rebiuld on my 96 is only one small step from completion and that is the fuel pump in my endless quest to get stuff my gidelines were that they had to be period ,they had to do the job i intended them to do and these golden rules could be totaly disregarded if the parts were free then anything could go in so you can see im practicle if not pure, to that end has any one got a electric fuel pump that fits any of the above as well as my 96 i'll swap you a picture of a five pound for it if that's not enough then i'll make it a pici of a tenner jake  
08/08/2002 22:48:00   Alec Dearden   Now don't rush in and fit an electric pump. What year is the car? There were 2 different styles of pump fitted and also 2 different length of rod behind them.  
12/08/2002 08:20:00   Jake   cheers alec, my car is 72-73 the thing is i start my car every now and again as it has been in the work shop for two years being put the way i want it and i have noticed that it do'snt have to stand all that long attall and i have to prime the carb by pouring petrol straight in through the carb mouth to get it to start then even if it is just a day or two later the same story again it runs well enough it just seem that the fuel won't stay in the carb in suficient quantity to start it i want to be able to start the car without the asbestos suit on, all the best jake p.s i'll send you a photo of it for the gallery when i can  

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