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18/09/2003 13:09:28   Richard   Right the run through the Peaks will be on 5th Oct 2003.
The route is flexible and will feature good roads, countryside and pubs/places of interest.
Please Email me and I will keep you updated, we will have an easy to reach meeting point for the start.
18/09/2003 16:33:20   Richard   Ok, how about sticking any bits you want to sell/swap in the boot and we can have a mobile jumble.  
19/09/2003 11:33:35   helen moss   Hi Richard....
Great Idea!, see you on the 5th Oct.
19/09/2003 12:15:35   Richard   Tom is going and probably the guy down the road, Carl will join us. I will make some calls/notes under wipers to the other cars in the area.  
19/09/2003 14:53:01   Tom   Great plan. I'll be there.  
19/09/2003 18:13:11   Alec   Don't forget to send me some pic's for the website!  
19/09/2003 21:05:10   ian   I knew you'd wait until I couldn't make it!
Have a great time!  
20/09/2003 09:56:53   bill rawles   My car is currently at Highgate undergoing surgery but provided its finished by then you can count me in.  
22/09/2003 08:03:03   Richard   I was thinking of starting just off the motorway above Sheffield and finishing at Chatsworth, those that are comming from the south have the benifit of finishing on the southern part of the route which should give good access to the M1 near Chesterfield. The northern party can follow me and we should end up on the M1 near where we started.
Please say if this is alright or not.  
22/09/2003 09:22:59   Helen Moss   that route sounds fine ,see you there....
24/09/2003 12:40:48   Richard   Hello,

Furter details on the Peak run;


from the south - M1 off at J35a onto A616 (watch speed cameras).
Go straight across first small roundabout (on A616).
At the next larger roundabout take the third exit towards the Shell garage.
We will meet on the roadside further up this road.

from the north- M1 off at J36(Tankersley) go over motorway to the right at the motorway roundabout heading towards Chapeltown on the A61.
At the next roundabout (where A61crosses A616) take your fourth exit off to the right towards the Shell garage.
We will meet on the roadside further up this road.

Time- we shall be meeting on the 5th Oct at 10:30-11:00am and will be heading into Derbyshire stopping at a pub for dinner.

All the best

Richard Simpson  
29/09/2003 07:50:27   Richard   Ok, if you have a want list of parts post it on here if you are on the run this weekend. Then other people will know what to bring.  
29/09/2003 22:08:57   Tom   Tom's Wants:

2 Rectangular headlamps for V4.
Rear rubber bumper for late 70's V4
Winscreen washer jet for V4
Windscreen wiper inner spindles (the things the wipers bolt onto)  
30/09/2003 14:16:20   helen moss   helen's wants
Im looking for a chrome rear bumper return of the left hand side for my 1967 deluxe  
02/10/2003 16:42:40   Richard   Ok I hope you are all in good shape for the weekend.

Wanted:- old style mudflaps in good-vgood condition.
Kiplan seat belt top pilar cover with hook for belt.  
02/10/2003 17:26:31   Tom k   Not coming on the run, but Tom l do have a set of headlamps, and Richard l might have some Kiplan seat belt stuff - l'll have a look at the weekend and let you know.

Have a good time everyone.  
06/10/2003 13:00:24   Richard   We had a small be enthusiastic turn out of 4 cars on the run this weekend.The weather was great for most of the day. The route in the morning used the Strines to Midhope road, which is used by the 'Rally of the tests' and local motor clubs for road rallies. The lunch halt was at the 'Travellers Rest' at Hope where we had penty of time for food and a chat and to buy the odd part (thanks James for the wing).
The afternoon route winded its way up the twists and turns of the Edale valley and down Winets pass, past the many blue john mines and in to Castleton. The route then went on to Chatsworth house and we decided to have a walk around the park.  
06/10/2003 17:53:46   Alec   Sounds like you had fun - pics anyone?  
28/02/2004 17:36:20   Lance Bolton   I need new mudflaps for my Saab 1970 95. Please help me out.  

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