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19/09/2003 10:31:09   Richard   Its 15".  
19/09/2003 11:09:15   paul   Anyone know what year they were offered from?  
21/09/2003 18:47:25   Mikko   I think thru the 70's. I have a picture of Tom Trana in Swedish rally (?) 1969 and there can be seen a leather steering wheel. Most likely it's Moto lita too.  
23/09/2003 09:57:38   Alistair   The Saab S&R steering wheel was indeed a 15" moto lita, available from at least as early as 72 (as I have an S&R catalogue from then). Make sure you get the correct wheel though, which is flat & not dished at all. Any dish will mean you have quite a reach for the wipers & indicators.  

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