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18/09/2003 21:45:32   James Ayres   Hello again, there's nothing wrong with the seat belts in my 96 it's just that they are the old 'hang on the door post and pull two straps to tighten' type. Is it possible to fit modern automatic feed types and if so, has anyone got any advice as to what to fit?
19/09/2003 09:28:48   Senor Burt   Later V4's had inertia reel belts. I don't know exactly what years, but generally the rubber bumber models I think.
I like the old type, they really confuse passengers.  
19/09/2003 16:41:48   simon   How about inertia reels but the type without the metal fastener on the belt (webbing clips under metal arm in the centre release mechanism). Thus one maintains Senor Burt's preferance for passenger confusion, while benefiting from inertia convenience.  
19/09/2003 21:24:37   James Ayres   A friend of mine tells me you can fit normal seat belts, ie, those that bolt into an upright pillar, you just need to make an 'L' shaped bracket so the mechanisim can be up-right. This does not sound very safe to me! Any thoughts?
23/09/2003 09:34:12   Alistair   James - your car will probably have the holes pre-drilled & with captive nuts in the sill behind the interior rear trim panels. The problem though is running the belt through the trim panel. You'd need to source trim panels with the cutouts & surrounds from somewhere, hen's teeth.

In the past I have simply bolted the inertia reels to the existing mounts on the floor next to the B pillar, bolting the "pulley" bit (for want of a better word) onto the B pillar in the normal spot & replaced the centre bracket with the inertia clips. Not very elegant inside the car but works perfectly well. Pretty well any Saab (Klippan) belts from mid-70s to 90s should fit, go find a scrappy...  
23/09/2003 13:08:25   simon   Further to Alistair's aforementioned advice: Obviously take car that 2nd hand belts have not been used in anger! Ie check that the car has no previously repaired damage.  
23/09/2003 13:09:02   simon   Take CARE (not car)!!!  

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