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19/09/2003 11:43:32   Helen Moss   Hello , Thought i'd spread the word about a brilliant mechanic in chesterfield. If any of you in the east midlands need help it might be worth talking to Phil . he is passionate about saab V4 and two strokes, ( i bought mine off him)and runs a small part time garage in chesterfield. no advertising, just word of mouth... but hes really worth knowing about, his prices are cheap too...if you need him call 07748366645  
06/10/2003 11:38:33   Emy   I tried Phil's number but it seemed to be another Phil!
Do you have the right number? He sounds perfect and my V4 could really do with a passionate mechanic!  
06/10/2003 12:13:31   Helen   Opps wrong phils number ...real number is 07979080670, mind you the otrher one does great sandwiches.....
cheers Helen  

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