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21/09/2003 18:28:39   chilli   My 95 has suddenly started jumping out of gear. According to my Haynes this means a) there's a broken gearchange forkrod spring b)gearbox coupling dogs are badly worn c)selector fork groove badly worn. As I am still able to change gear and there is some tension on the gear lever I reckon it can't be a broken spring. So that means one of the others. How can I test to narrow it down to one cause and does anyone know a good source of supply for any of these parts? Also I can find no reference to 'coupling dogs' in gearbox diagram. Is this Haynesspeak for something else?  
22/09/2003 07:56:04   Richard   If it has been wining for a while it could also be a very bad case of the pinion bearing wearing, and the box loosing its preload.  
22/09/2003 10:24:15   Senor Burt   Whatever's wrong with it, it sounds like it's time to get the box out and get it repaired/replaced.
There are still quite a lot of decent V4 transmissions hanging around I think. You shouldn't have to pay too much for one.  
23/09/2003 10:02:13   Alistair   Are you sure it's jumping out of gear & not the freewheel acting up?  
23/09/2003 11:02:24   chilli   Hi Alisatir, this is a possibilty I hadn't considered. Can you eleborate on the 'acting up' bit.  
23/09/2003 12:30:26   Richard   You get a sudden slip of the free wheel then a bang as the bearing grips again. This can cause the box to jump into freewheelie mode (which is a seperate problem).  
23/09/2003 14:09:30   chilli   Thanks Richard,
But that's not what is happening.  
23/09/2003 16:40:47   Richard   If is jumping out of gear when you lift off the power then it will be the preload that has gone, which is a common thing in a transaxle box.
I would buy a known gearbox and replace it, or have the unit rebuilt by someone like Chris Partington.  
23/09/2003 17:24:51   Nick   Have just had a recon box installed and it too is jumping out of gear in forth. Is this a dodgy rebuild or another issue altogether?  
24/09/2003 08:05:18   Richard   I would email Alistair, he should have Chris Partington's tel No. I think you need to have a chat with him as to the possible causes. To me this would seem to be still a preload issue, but Chris has far more experience on Saab boxes. Normal gearbox rebuilders make a mess of Saab boxes, I have one that has been overhauled an it whines like a good'un, the ring and pinion where re-meshed after the gears had backed off and worn. Chris would have replaced the r&p gears.  

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