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23/09/2003 12:39:57   Calvin   I have a 96 v4 1977, when I have been driving for a while (when the engine has warmed up), and I pull away or excellerate hard, there is quite a lot of blueish smoke from the exhaust.....I was told that the car was converted to unleaded, but how can I check this and what would happen if I've been filling her up with unleaded when shes not converted? Other than that the engine seem fine  
23/09/2003 14:01:00   Calvin   1  
23/09/2003 18:51:45   Alec   Could be the valve stem seals, however if it was converted they would have put new ones in at the time and they do last a long time. If it wasn't converted and you have been running on unleaded, after some time the valves will burn and you will start getting running problems.
Personally I use mine unconverted with a good additive in the fuel (see previous discussion threads)  
24/09/2003 08:14:45   Richard   If its the top end it would usually smoke on start up when oil has run down the valves after the engine has stopped. Also it depends on what the engineers did with the head and in particular the valve guides, if they nurled them they will only last for a while.
Are you getting a lot of venting at the breathers (take the air filter one off and run the engine)if so you may have worn rings.  
24/09/2003 12:49:51   Richard   What oil are you running?  
24/09/2003 14:22:42   Calvin   honestly i do not know, I've had it about 6 weeks and i checked the oil and it was full so I haven't put any in, what do you suggest? This is my first V4, so I'm a novice!  

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