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26/09/2003 12:29:47   paul   Anyone know where to get white wall tyres done for a 96 in London/M25 area?  
30/09/2003 15:22:24   James Ayres   There's a place in Surry which does a postal deal which only adds a couple of quid, they are called 'Bravado Automotive' 01932 858 248 email I hope this helps.
10/11/2003 16:24:01   simon   For the interests of all concerned:
I recieved a set of Bravado rubber 'whites' today. Even with a professional tyre machine it took me about two hours to fit them, as they kept creeping out from under the rims while the tyres were inflated - infuriating. Now on the car they do look kinda cool but they are not sitting entirely flat with the tyres all the way round! It would have been better if the centre of the rubber hoop was smaller (ie a tighter to fit onto the rims) and the rubber itself were stiffer or re-enforced - ?
I'll send another post in due course, let ya know if they settledown to the tyres or dis-enchant themselves completely @ 'take off speed' !!!!!---o-0-o---!!!!!  
12/11/2003 21:53:09   simon   I changed the gearbox and tings today, so I will not be at take off speed while all the bits settle down in their new home. However I don't think that the white walls are going to leave the rims at any (V4) speed.
The bumpy bits have not settled down and thus a refit is required on two of the wheels. I believe that I may have been experiencing difficulty with the fitting due to the bead blasted, powdercoatedness of my rims - smooth as mirrors.
While on the ramp - i noticed that the white walls tend to bulge the tyres on the inner edge, to the extent of causing clearance problems with the bolt connecting the rear suspention link to the u beam axle. Simply cured by turning the bolt around 180*; thus the protruding thread now points inwards, rather than scoring a groove in the tyre side walls.
>>> Please watch out for this as it could be dangerous <<<  
13/11/2003 21:04:45   simon   ps: 165's.  
19/11/2003 01:24:16   simon   pss: 165's on 4J steel rims.  
16/01/2004 09:27:47   Gareth Ware   Simon, was going to buy a set of bravado white walls, have thought about doing so for about 10 years now, but always suspected that I would encounter the problems you mention......given your experience do not think i will bother, I am sure your car looks better for it however.  
19/01/2004 10:22:43   Iain   According to a mate who does Hot Rods, for proper whitewalls rather than Blue Peter efforts:
"Try Northants Tyres in Sunny Hampshire for a pro view on the subject, they are the guv'ners as far as old wheels and stuff goes."
30/03/2004 11:37:18   simon   Thank you for the information Iain.
I certainly would advise everybody not to waste their money on the Bravado's. The whites have not settled down to the tyres, to the extent of unballancing the wheels at motorway speeds and they now look terrible. The white also bleeds, causing an milky tarnish on the expossed tyre. Bravado do not answer their emails - even nice polite ones - conclusion absolute rubbish, how can this firm still be in business!?!  
31/03/2004 19:29:52   bill rawles   Pardon me for asking and no offence intended but why on earth would you want white wall tyres on a Saab? It just conjures up images of hideous American barge cars.  
31/03/2004 22:48:55   simon   Dear Bill,
not a nice image that you imagine/present.
The white's which I have had such disappiontments with give a black ring off of the rim of about 1.5". They then terminate in a thin white band. With black powder coated steel wheels this gives the impression of the white band being the rim and thus low profile tyres on say a 16/17" wheel. Thus from a distance or when rotating they do actually look rather attractive and not at all USA bargeeee styleee. Shame they have the aforementioned problems. s  
30/05/2004 13:29:16     vw


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