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28/09/2003 22:27:23   Alistair   For those of you who know me (and anyone who doesn't but is interested!) I am now the delighted father of Elanor, born at 9.18 am on Friday 26th weighing 7lb 5oz. She is doing great & so is her mum. The grandparents are possibly the only people I know walking round with a bigger grin than me... Actually, that's wrong, big sister Rose has the biggest grin!!  
29/09/2003 07:51:32   Richard   Congratulations!!!  
29/09/2003 09:06:31   Alec   Congrats Alistair, little ones are always handy for cleaning the engine bay!  
30/09/2003 11:06:38   James Ayres   Congratulations Alistair, start restoring a v4 now to be ready in time for when she starts to drive...  
02/10/2003 19:05:43   Alec   I couldn't let it pass...

03/10/2003 23:20:30   Alistair   Hey! That's my girl!! What a cutie (yeah, so I'm biased, so what?!).

Cheers the way, she has more hair than me and it's quite spikey so will be great for cleaning all those hard to reach bits of the engine bay...

04/10/2003 18:25:01   David   Good one Al!! You really are going to need a 95V4 estate before long ........... Best wishes to Mum and Baby - hope Rose isn't feeling left out by all the attention.  
05/10/2003 05:33:22   Mike   grandparents still have biggest grin. Well done my son.

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