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08/08/2002 09:26:00   Rob Wagner   I've had some problems with the motor moving around while driving on "interesting" roads. This caused problems with the original gearbox linkage and the original throttle linkage, both of which I have replaced. But the motor still moves around, and that affects selection of second on a hard turn on tarmac, when there is a lot of side force.
I've heard of something called a "Mexico Bracket" on both sides of the V4 motor. Is this a SAAB part, and does anyone know if any are available?  
08/08/2002 10:46:00   Alec Dearden   Sorry, I haven't heard of that although I know that SAAB did modify some mounts for rallying.
Your car looks superb!  
14/11/2002 01:14:21   Alistair Philpott   Rob - the brackets you are referring to are bolted to a second set of rubber engine mounts and attached to the rear of the block and the bellhousing mounts. These were a Sport & Rally part and I had them on a car years ago, work really well. If you think about it, you only have the two main engine mounts, the rear and side gearbox mounts plus a very little strength from the exhaust mountings, and that's all there is to stop your motor shifting about! Especially if the standard ones are at all worn...

Not sure where you can get the pukka parts from, but they are well worth getting if you can. If not, you may be able to fabricate something? Another trick I've heard of is fabricating a second side mount on the gearbox on the opposite side to the standard unit, to give a bit more lateral support.  

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