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30/09/2003 00:44:14   Paul   Hey,
While my new arrival is not as exciting as Alistair's, as of today i have a new (new to me anyway) rear screen in my 96v4. This is meant to be heated, at least i hope it will be once i've wired it in.
I have the 'proper' dash switch for it (complete with picture of heated screen), but don't know where on the dash to mount it - any ideas?
Also, can you tell me where/how the cable is routed?


30/09/2003 08:49:20   Alec   I have one in mine as well Paul but don't have the proper switch although the one I have is the same shape. The other problem is that only about 3 bars work on it now, I really could do with a 'new' one.
I put my switch on the steering column the opposite side to the switch, however, many people put the choke lever in this position. the other position I have seen it is just above that hole in the dash directly below the hazard switch.

I just wired under the floorboards and behind the seats.  
30/09/2003 11:10:13   James Ayres   I'd like a heated rear window in my 96! Where can I get one and are there different types available?  
01/10/2003 22:20:37   Tom   Do these things have a limited life expectancy? Can they be repaired? Where are new ones available from. I'd like to put one in my '73 V4 but i've never managed to find one - other than changing the whole rear window. I have one in my 1980 Jubilee, but although the switch illuminates proudly - it clearly does not work.

Paul, what is the rating of your alternator 35 or 55 amps.

03/10/2003 08:07:17   Steve B   I had a saab V4 with a factory fitted heated rear window - at least that's what I was told when I bought it.
The switch for the heated rear window looked the same as the hazard light switch (a pull switch) and was in place of the dash board dimmer. Don't know if this was how the factory fitted them but my car had no dash dimmer.  
03/10/2003 08:52:16   Alec   That would seem a sensible way to do it, just hard wire the dash dimmer lights together so they are on full (they are not exactly blinding anyway) so you have a spare hole to use.  

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