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30/09/2003 16:20:30   Tom   Does anyone know the model number details of the Solex Twin carburettor as supplied with the late V4 engines. I need an accelerator pump diaphragm - but without the details i can't order it.  
30/09/2003 16:35:07   Richard   Yes I will sort it tonight.  
02/10/2003 07:46:13   Richard   32TDID  
02/10/2003 13:59:56   Nick   Try emailed Eric Archer, he has been helping me with my apparently rare Solex 32eeit. Email:  
04/10/2003 18:21:23   David   According to an article in today's Daily Telegraph Motoring section: try Andy Moore Carburettors in Sheffield on 01246 473444. He has over 1000 old carbs in stock and can (apparently) restore just about anything! Good luck.  
06/10/2003 19:52:30   Tom   Thanks for this.  

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