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01/10/2003 12:08:57   Highgate Saabpart   We have researched the possibility of remanufacturing Sonett diffs (9:42/4.66:1) and are now in the position, subject to demand to offer them at 445.00 + vat with a 12-14 week waiting time.
This will be a batch of 10 units ( 4 sold already )and deposits are now being taken on a first come first served basis.
If you require further details please contact Mel or Ken on 01827 287900.  
01/10/2003 15:51:01   Senor Burt   I assume thay will be better than the originals. I've been told that they were quite weak and prone to breaking. I think the material was inferior to the V4 diffs.  
01/10/2003 18:31:00   Alec   Thanks Mel and Ken, not that I need one but I am sure there are many who would like a new one.  

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