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03/10/2003 13:29:09   Nick   I finally got round to taking some shots of my pride & joy and they are now up on the gallery, have a look!  
03/10/2003 18:16:27   john   Nick your car looks like a real beauty. it is same colour combination as my first V4, which has recently been offered back to me for sale, how do you rate the diaphragm clutch.
03/10/2003 20:35:43   Nick   Thanks for the comments.
The clutch judders like crazy buit once engaged it is strong. Not sure if the juddering is anything to do with the lightened flywheel or dodgy installation but it is frustrating  
03/10/2003 22:05:21   Tom   That's interesting. I was being led to believe that this clutch actually resolved the common juddering problem with V4s.  

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