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03/10/2003 17:48:22   Alec   Oh dear, my car just failed it's MOT. Definately time to try and spend some money on the car. Nothing to drastic to get her back on the road, just a rack gaitor and a small patch of welding behind the front wheel.

Could do with out any expense at the moment, but hey, this is the first time she has failed since I restored her over 12 years ago.  
04/10/2003 21:12:01   James Ayres   Not bad for the first failure in 13 years (is it unlucky for some?) MOT is a very stressful time, if it fails it is usually something you just have not spotted! Best of luck with the repairs.
05/10/2003 10:22:34   Alec   Trouble really is that I have not had the time to devote to the car over the last year or so and the last few months since moving house I have had no time. I have been clearing my garage of boxes to make room for the car so things should improve soon.  

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