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06/10/2003 13:35:13   Calvin   I had a problem with the battery being flat when I come to drive in the morning. I put the car in the garage and had a s/h alternator fitted. It happened again and so I had the battery tested, this proved to be beyond recharging, so I bought a new one.....everything was fine for a couple of weeks until Fri eve, when I tried to start her up and she was dead (everything was fine on Thurs night) I definately didn't leave anything on and there are no mystery lights on anywhere........can anyone suggest anything?  
06/10/2003 13:52:50   steve h   all you can do is connect a muilt meter or test lamp circuit and disconnect fuses one by one till it registers no current or the lamp goes out. Painstaking investigation im afriad. Any changes you have made recently may give you a clue.  
06/10/2003 14:21:22   Senor Burt   Maybe you bought a duff battery. Take it to where you bought it or an auto electrical place to get it tested. Your replacement alternator could be at fault, get that tested too. It may be charging, but not sufficiently.
If you have access to a meter with an ammeter setting, you can connect that between the battery +ve and the +ve lead. If it reads any current when everything is switched off, you obviously have something pulling current when it shouldn't. Then go for the fuse pulling exercise.
I'm not sure about this, but maybe it could be the voltage regulator(small metal box bolted to the inner wing, connected to alternator). A used replacement shouldn't be hard to find.  
06/10/2003 17:52:18   Alec   I would go for the voltage reg too. It is probably leaking slightly and the new battery slowly discharged.  
07/10/2003 07:53:21   Richard   Alec is probably right, this is a common problem. It is easy to change.  
07/10/2003 17:23:27   steve h   or jack it in and fit a nice new alternator from a vectra with in a built in voltage regulator.  
08/10/2003 08:29:58   Alec   Funny, all of a sudden I seem to have the same problem. I'm going to dig around and see if I have a spare regulator and see if that sorts it out.  
08/10/2003 22:37:46   Tom   I've had the same problem for ages and two voltage regulators, a reconditioned alternator, two batteries later and still have the same problem.  
09/10/2003 07:57:27   Richard   Another point is the No. of V4's I see without a battery strap. The battery moving up and down will quickly kill it.  
09/10/2003 08:39:54   Nick   Anyone got a spare battery strap? Mine is held in with zip ties right now, not the most secure method.  
09/10/2003 11:27:56   Calvin   I've just had it MOT'd, luckily for me I live within walking distance of the Saab restoration place in Hammersmith, London. I told the man there, Nick, of my problem and he found that the old ignition (I have new one) was causing a short, this may not be the only short but at least he's found one. He did say that it could be a loose wire somewhere in the car touching the shell and moving around, hence it only happens intermitently.  

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